A Fast Start Up for an Even Faster Growing Company


One of the fastest growing companies in the United States trusts Kenco with its retail and direct-to-customer supply chain channels.  Kenco’s partner identified an immediate need for distribution capacity in the northeast.  They needed a solution in place by the middle of August to prepare for the fall and winter peak season.


The short-term challenge was to identify and start up a northeast distribution center in time for the company’s peak season.  The long-term challenge was to find a site that would allow for additional growth, but that would not charge the company for underutilized space.


Kenco’s Real Estate company, JDK Real Estate, proactively searched for space that would be large enough for long-term needs but flexible enough to avoid the costs of unused space in the short-term.  Multiple locations were found that would meet all requirements and allow Kenco’s partner to optimize transportation lanes for service and costs.


JDK negotiated the lease on behalf of Kenco’s partner to maximize flexibility at favorable rates.  Kenco’s companies (Kenco Logistic Services, Kenco Management Services, Kenco Material Handling Systems, and JDK) then worked hand-in-hand to bring the facility to a fully-operational state in a matter of 60 days.  Since startup, warehouse operations have been in full motion and have greatly improved customer service and speed of delivery.