Enhancing ITs Logistics Agility


Kenco recognized it needed to leverage a tier 1 solution to improve a customer’s supply chain. “One of our healthcare customers was using outdated warehouse management technology with legacy functionality,”  Kristi Montgomery Vice President of Innovation, Research, & Development explained. “Over the past several years, their business had grown significantly. As a result, they needed more control, system-directed productivity gains and the value-added functionality offered by a best-in-class warehouse management system.”

After evaluating a number of providers, Kenco elected to implement JDA Warehouse Management, from JDA Software’s Intelligent Fulfillment™  suite, in the customer’s facilities. “We chose JDA because of its strategic focus on 3PL partnerships,  as well as its market leadership in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry vertical,” Montgomery said.


The customer’s existing technology solution lacked emergency replenishment functionality, which was interfering with the organization’s ability to fill orders rapidly and cost-effectively. “The legacy solution could not allocate orders to the pick faces without the full quantity available to fill the order, requiring the last few items of a particular lot to be physically moved out of the pick face so the system would generate a replenishment for a new lot to fill orders,” said Montgomery.

Today, thanks to JDA Warehouse Management, the customer’s replenishment processes have been enhanced by a new level of automation that has increased productivity. “In a traditional pick-face location, you should not mix two separate lots for one stock-keeping unit. Now JDA Warehouse Management allows us to change primary pick locations dynamically,” said Montgomery.

With dynamic pick locations, there is no downtime on the pick line with users waiting for new product, and no wasted product moves to clear pick-face locations. “JDA Warehouse Management drives an emergency replenishment for wave allocations in the pick face with sufficient quantity to fill customer orders,” said Montgomery. “Previously, this was a completely manual process that required paper workarounds because of the lack of a system solution.”


Not only was JDA Warehouse Management successful in addressing the customer’s system inefficiencies — but results were also achieved very quickly with the help of JDA Services. “We went live after a nine-month implementation process,” Montgomery said. “The implementation was completed on our customer’s desired date, and we were shipping full volume in less than two weeks after go-live. The training and on-site support we received from JDA Services drove a level of user engagement that ensured our success upon go-live.”

Kenco’s partnership with JDA Services also provided a valuable, hands-on learning experience for the company’s implementation team members. “Our internal support team learned how to troubleshoot issues, research process changes, test rules and various configurations, maintain the system long-term, and begin structuring our own internal expertise around implementing the solution in future opportunities,” said Montgomery.

Looking ahead, Montgomery anticipates JDA Warehouse Management will play a critical role in helping Kenco’s healthcare customers achieve logistics excellence.