Innovative Waste Removal Saves 60% on Disposal Fees


A major manufacturer in the kitchen and bath industry partnered with Kenco Logistic Services to operate a distribution center in Southern California. Since site inception, it was a struggle to find appropriate solutions to combat the growing waste charges. Stretch wrap, cardboard, cast iron, and damaged product were causing additional “overweight” waste charges. With the addition of a postponement packaging operation, an additional 1,000+ pieces of corrugated material and 1-2 bundles of plastic per day were being generated. 


Kenco reduced disposal costs by installing a bailer that would condense the cardboard and plastic into bails.  In addition, the site general manager was able to locate a company that would collect the porcelain materials being discarded.  This solution not only saved decreased disposal charges, but also gave customer rebate checks for the recycled materials.


Kenco was able to reduce monthly waste charges by 60% through the installation of the bailer and use of the recycling company.