Kenco Deploys New Sustainability Dashboards To Green Up Operations For Customers

Kenco, a leading provider of distribution, transportation, and supply chain intelligence solutions, is helping its customers lighten both their energy costs and environmental footprint with new sustainability dashboards.

The dashboards bring together an array of data to conveniently display progress on key sustainability metrics. The dashboards track usage of electricity, natural gas, and water, plus they monitor labor costs and measure the output of both landfill waste and recyclable materials. Baseline data on each metric is monitored to set goals toward lowering costs, reducing energy use, and producing less waste in customer warehouses managed by Kenco.

“We measure 13 metrics that we believe provide a good assessment of site-specific sustainability,” said Kenco’s Leader of Sustainability Deni Albrecht. “Not only does Kenco want to do the right thing for our customers, but initiatives like this are also being requested much more frequently in RFPs and RFQs.”

Kenco began working on the sustainability dashboards last year with a pilot group of sites it manages for a major manufacturer in the healthcare industry. Through the dashboards, Kenco discovered opportunities to implement new “zero waste” efforts, improve lighting with motion-sensing controls, and improve energy efficiency in air systems—all resulting in a long-term reduction of costs and electricity usage. The success of the pilot has led Kenco to expand use of the dashboards across the distribution networks of six additional customers.

“We ask our customers to start out by focusing on the easiest things first—much like they would in their own homes,” said Albrecht. “Are you turning out the lights when you leave? What’s your thermostat setting? Are your doors and windows weatherproofed? Is recycling set up to be convenient rather than a hassle?”

Albrecht said during a recent energy audit, it was noted that even though the facility’s lighting fixtures had been upgraded, there were still efficiencies to be gained by adding motion-sensing controls. Also, the compressors in the air systems were easily reset for lower energy usage without negatively affecting performance.

“Again, these were easy opportunities with little or no capital expense,” Albrecht said. “Once a sustainability culture takes root in a workplace, you can really build momentum to move toward even more rewarding sustainable practices.”

About Kenco
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