Kenco Family Of Companies 2010 Year In Review

Kenco, one of the most respected names in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry, has released its 2010 Year End Report for the Kenco Family of Companies, including Kenco Logistic Services (KLS), JDK Real Estate, Kenco Material Handling Solutions (KMHS), and Kenco Transportation Management.

Kenco Logistic Services | KLS
In 2010, the Kenco Family of Companies not only celebrated performance-related success, but also endurance. The company was founded 60 years ago, starting with just two employees—brothers-in-law Jim Kennedy, Jr. and Sam Smartt, Sr.—at its Chickamauga Warehouse in Chattanooga, Tenn. Today, KLS can claim the following:

JDK Real Estate | JDK
In a time when industrial real estate owners are staring at record vacancy rates, JDK Real Estate had a successful year by signing new leases on approximately 1 million square feet of its 4.2 million square-foot portfolio.

Looking forward, with over 900,000 square feet of warehouse space within 5 miles of Chattanooga’s newest industrial park—Enterprise South—JDK is well poised to capitalize on the coming construction of Volkswagen of America and facilities within the impressive campus.

Kenco Transportation Management
Kenco’s non-asset-based transportation division, Kenco Transportation, experienced significant growth during 2010. The transportation services division secured new clients representing over $20 million in freight management. The freight brokerage division doubled in size by partnering with multiple new clients. Together the division oversees more than $50 Million in annual freight spend.

Kenco Material Handling Solutions | Also known as Kenco Toyota-Lift (KTL)
KMHS saw significant and welcomed recovery from the 2009 economic downturn that enveloped all material handling companies. Major factors in this turn-around included:

About The Kenco Family of Companies (

Over 60 years ago, Kenco launched its first warehouse facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, the Kenco footprint has expanded to a nationwide provider of logistic services in addition to transportation, real estate management and material handling equipment. The Kenco Family of Companies includes Kenco Logistic Services, Kenco Transportation, Kenco Toyota-Lift, Kenco Management Services, and JDK Real Estate.