Innovation Lab


Formed in 2015, Kenco Innovation Labs and its dedicated team of innovation specialists collaborate with customers to identify, research, and prototype leading-edge ideas and processes. This team also partners with vendors and entrepreneurs from various industries to identify supply chain trends and think "inside the box" applying innovative solutions to complex logistics issues.


Our Mission: To expand Kenco’s market reach by unleashing ideas and serving as passionate advocates and educators of innovation.



Power Your Supply Chain with Mobile Tech

Powered by Smart Gladiator

LoadProof is a user-friendly mobile app to quickly provide end to end visibility in the supply chain.  It can help customers avoid significant chargeback penalties by proving the product left the warehouse in a compliant condition. Kenco has strategically partnered with Smart Gladiator to provide a scalable, secure, enterprise-ready mobile application available for both Android and Apple devices. It has a secure cloud repository to store photos for easy search and instant retrieval, and can be easily integrated into various supply chain systems.

We Think Differently “Inside The Box”


3D Printing Drones / UAVs Gamification




Augmented Reality AGV Pallets Wearable Scanners


Meet Our Innovation Team Leaders

Kenco Innovation Labs: Head shot of Kristi Montgomery, VP of Innovation, Research & Development

Kristi Montgomery

Vice President of Innovation

Kenco Innovation Labs: Head shot of Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager

Trever Ehrlich

Creative Solutions Manager


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