Innovation Is Not Just Inventing New Things...


Here at Kenco, we have defined innovation as the implementation of ideas to create new business value - could be something from another industry that we bring into the logistics space, a process change to generate cost savings, a combination of two existing products to be used in a new way, or it could be a new invention altogether.


Kenco's 3 Elements of Successful Innovation:



Something new to the company - not currently being done or made or new ways of working



How the idea is carried out - doing something productive with the idea and putting it into action



Achieving a positive outcome through successful problem resolution or by creating new opportunities


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Thinking Differently Inside the Box

You hear people refer to innovation often as thinking "outside the box.” We take a different approach - we try to think differently about the problems and challenges that exist inside the box of Logistics. Our expertise at Kenco lies in the supply chain management realm and it makes sense we should stay there and solve our challenges by thinking differently about how and why those challenges exist. We are tasked with addressing our customers' complex supply chain issues in a new and innovative way - understanding that the answer may lie in pulling in a product or solution from another industry entirely and applying it in a new way.

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