Kenco Installs New Lighting with 10-month Payback


Kenco engineers conducted a cost savings analysis of a facility operated for a well-known global pharmaceutical company. One of the largest potential savings opportunities was in the lighting of the facility.  The mature 154,000 square-foot facility used 400 watt, 2amp, high pressure sodium lights.


Once the engineers identified the opportunity to save money with new lighting, they had electrical contractors conduct a facility survey to confirm that an upgrade or change in lighting would in fact be beneficial. The survey validated that the existing lighting was old technology using more electricity than newer applications required. Kenco engineers put together a solution that not only increased the amount of light in the building but also saved money on electricity and reduced the facility’s carbon foot print.

The project itself was to replace the high pressure sodium lights with 4 Bulb T5 lighting fixtures. These new fixtures use .7 amps as opposed to the 2 amp draw of the sodium lights. This was a 60% less electricity draw per fixture throughout the facility. The new fixtures were also equipped with motion sensors that allow the light to be turned off when there is no activity in the area.


Kenco engineers presented their proposal to the local utility board, and due to the amount of kilowatt hours saved, the board provided our customer an $18,928 rebate to offset implementation costs. The project was completed in the spring and is on track to achieve its projected 10-month payback. The site has been experiencing a 25% to 33% reduction in monthly kilowatt hours used.