Kenco Launches International Online Retail Logistics Service With Hermes Fulfilment

Kenco, a leading provider of value-added distribution, public warehousing, transportation services and intelligent information technology, is now offering integrated international retail and logistics services with German-based Hermes Fulfilment.

Online retailers on both sides of the Atlantic are served seamlessly. In the U.S. Kenco provides warehousing and distribution of online orders from more than 100 distribution centers, with Hermes Fulfilment providing online retail support including web store design, payment, accounts receivable and other services. In Europe, Kenco’s domestic online retail customers have access to Germany’s Haldensleben distribution center operated by Hermes Fulfillment.

“In this way both we and our customers benefit from the know-how of a local logistics provider with country-specific expertise,” says Judy Craig, vice president of sales, Kenco.

This new international service is made possible by close cooperation between the two companies. “The quality and the spectrum of the services offered by Kenco and Hermes Fulfilment provide the perfect fit,” says Max Niclas Bense, international business development manager, Hermes Fulfilment. “With Kenco as our partner, we can provide our customers in the U.S. with the high standards our customers expect from us.”

Austrian garment manufacturer Wolford is one of the companies already benefiting from the cooperation between Kenco and Hermes Fulfilment. Through its web stores the luxury label now has operations in 13 European countries and the U.S. Additional markets in and outside Europe are to follow shortly.

More brands and online retailers are targeting international markets. “For this reason supply chain service providers need to rise to the challenge by supporting these retailers in new markets,” says Bense.

Retail expansion into a foreign market must be executed with great care and attention to detail. Online stores must be tailored to the different needs and demands of local markets. Varying requirements include different product selections, the concept of the store itself, languages and methods of payment. “It’s not just a question of translating the contents of the online store into different languages. If you want to expand into foreign markets you will need to understand the local markets and develop country-specific store solutions with an experienced services provider,” says Bense.

About Hermes Fulfilment
Hamburg-based Hermes Fulfilment GmbH (HF) is a 100% subsidiary of Germany’s Otto Group and provides a wide range of services to the distance selling retail sector. Backed by its extensive experience in all areas of the retail sector, HF manages the entire supply chain and offers services ranging from web store design and operation, accounts receivable and returns management, financial services and customer care to procurement, warehousing, order picking services and distribution. Hermes Fulfilment provides logistic services for as many as one million different products and handles some 260 million items per year. The spectrum of goods ranges from mobile phones, camcorders and textiles to jewelry, furniture and washing machines. The clients of HF primarily operate in the consumer goods industry. Shipments are made to end-use consumers, retail stores and other B2B customers. Hermes Fulfilment sees itself in the market as an impartial service provider, providing integrated fulfillment services not just within the Otto Group but also to external companies. Hermes Fulfilment GmbH operates under the Hermes umbrella brand, partnering with other Hermes business segments to provide sourcing, quality assurance, freight forwarding, parcel and 2-man handling services.

About Kenco
Kenco provides integrated logistics solutions that include value-added distribution and fulfillment, public warehousing, comprehensive transportation management, material handling services, real estate management and supply chain intelligence—all engineered for operational excellence. For over 60 years, Kenco has built lasting customer relationships because it is the 3PL that listens, learns and adapts. Privately-held and financially strong, Kenco’s focus is on common sense solutions that drive uncommon value.