Kenco Releases 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

The Kenco Family of Companies—a leading provider of logistics, transportation, real estate services, and material handling equipment—released its first Corporate Responsibility Report. The 23-page document summarizes Kenco’s success in key areas including sustainability during 2010.

“At Kenco, sustainability embraces the right of future generations to enjoy a quality of life that is equal to or better than what we cherish today,” says Gary Mayfield, Kenco CEO. “We believe sustainability is achieved through an appropriate balance of environmental stewardship, financial stability and community involvement. And at Kenco, sustainability represents a commitment to perform each of our services safely, efficiently and with the least possible environmental impact.”

The report details Kenco’s commitment to responsibility, including its Sustainability Mission Statement:

Our sustainability mission is to assist customers in achieving their economic, environmental, and social responsibility goals.

Sustainability includes environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and financial prosperity for all of our stakeholders. We want all of these things for our customers, suppliers, and employees as well as for Kenco.

At Kenco, sustainability means operational continuity, enabled through our culture and strategy. We consider risk management and transparency essential to our sustainability mission.

About The Kenco Family of Companies (

Over 60 years ago, Kenco launched its first warehouse facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since then, the Kenco footprint has expanded to a nationwide provider of logistic services in addition to transportation, real estate management and material handling equipment. The Kenco Family of Companies includes Kenco Logistic Services, Kenco Transportation, Kenco Toyota-Lift, Kenco Management Services, and JDK Real Estate.