Kenco Transportation Management Will Host Hazmat Training Seminars April 5-7

Kenco Transportation Management will host seminars on the transportation and handling of hazardous materials on April 5-7. These seminars have been developed in response to a need by industry, carrier, and local government for accurate and current hazardous material information.  The courses offer a comprehensive database for dealing with the complexities of hazardous material transportation by truck, air and water.  Federal regulations in effect mandate significant penalties for noncompliance.  The regulations under 49 CFR 172.700-704, International Air Transport Association and International Maritime Dangerous Goods guidelines require that employers assure training of all employees working with the transportation of hazardous materials.  These seminars are designed so that employees of the private and public sectors can acquire knowledge and skill in the handling and transportation of hazardous materials by the various transportation modes at a reasonable cost.


Seminar Information

**Lunch included**



Kenco Corporate Headquarters

In the Annex Conference Room

2001 Riverside Dr.

Chattanooga, TN 37406


Registration fees

PLEASE NOTE: The IATA and IMDG Training will require you to have an IATA and IMDG Manual.  If you cannot bring your own manual, they will be provided for $230.00 each.


Classes may be taken individually or together.


Registration is limited and is first come first serve.


How to Register

Mail registration form to:


Kenco Transportation Management

Chattanooga Freight Bureau

Attn:  Turney Thompson

118 Lee Parkway Drive, Ste.205

Chattanooga, TN 37421-1761


Phone (423)894-4622

Fax     (423)894-4665


Make Checks payable to:

Kenco Transportation 



To download registration form, click here.


About the Instructor

Randy M. Walker is the Senior Program Manager for the Computing Science and Engineering Division Transportation Programs at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his B.S. in Logistics and Transportation from The University of Tennessee. He has worked as a systems engineer, project manager and program manager during his career in areas such as transportation of hazardous materials and it’s regulations; compliance in the packaging and transportation of radioactive materials;  and program development with DOE, DOT, DHS, DOD and the commercial defense contractor sector. He also has had the opportunity to attain operations experience with successive levels of responsibility in operations, where he has served as HAZMAT Chairman for Lockheed Martin Corporation and instituted the Lockheed Martin Corporate DOT self-assessment program, thereby establishing long-term working relationships with State and Federal regulators. He has served as Chairman of Contractors Transportation Management Association (CTMA).  He currently serves as the Program Manager on the SensorNet Transportation Corridors Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.