Food & Beverage Logistics

Are you looking for a logistics company or provider to work with that has many years of experience managing promotional packaging and distribution in the food, beverage and confections industry? Kenco is a leading logistics solutions provider in this industry and we know how to protect sensitive perishables throughout the entire supply chain management process. We also build and ship a variety of packaging configurations to major big-box retailers, such as:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • Sam’s Club
  • and other major food retailers in the United States.

At Kenco, a focus on short lead times will ensure that your promotional packaged food and beverage items arrive at their intended destination and make it onto the store's shelves in order to meet strict sales and advertising schedules.

Our Logistics Services

As an FDA-compliant and AIB certified food and beverage logistics partner, Kenco offers a wide variety of services to our customers, including:

  • Climate-controlled storage and transportation
  • Choose our proprietary Warehouse Management System or a Tier 1 WMS system to monitor the volume and age of your inventory
  • Advanced packaging solutions and tracking technology to aid with recalls and overall food and beverage product safety
  • Shared or dedicated warehousing and both TL and LTL transportation capacity options for additional cost-savings
  • Packaging and kitting services for food or beverage products that are delivered directly to retailers

Food & Beverage Logistics Awards

Food Logistics Magazine

From 2011-2017, Kenco has been named one of Food Logistics magazine’s Top 100 3PL & Cold Storage Providers. In addition, for 6 consecutive years, Kenco has been recognized as one of Food Logistics Top Green Providers.

Inbound Logistics Magazine

From 2013-2017, Kenco has been recognized as one of Inbound Logistics magazine's Top 10 3PL Providers.

Kenco Warehousing Case Study

Leading Manufacturer of Coffee Brewing Systems Partners w/ Kenco Logistic Services

This manufacturer was undergoing major growth which led to a 75% increase in daily order volume. Order accuracy was at 99.5% with only 15 full-time employees responsible for quality checks. Kenco explored opportunities to help this client cut labor costs and increase order accuracy to over 99.8%. Kenco implemented a new system with wrist-mounted wearable scanners that generated $382,000 in labor cost savings. Read more.

Contact Us

To learn more about Kenco’s experience in the food and beverage industry and to find out why Kenco is a trusted logistics partner and 3PL provider in this industry, please contact us. If your food or beverage company is ready to start working with Kenco, we'd be happy to offer you a free quote for our logistics, supply chain management and/or warehousing services.


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