LSS Green Belt Training Content

Below are the course content details by week for the Kenco Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training course.

Week One

Background on Lean Six Sigma

Overview of Lean Six Sigma

  • Defining the Process
  • Types of Data and Data Analysis
  • Initial Strategies to Reduce Variation
  • Measuring and Understanding the Cost of Quality

Define Phase

  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer
  • Initiating the Project
  • Building your Project Team and Working Together
  • Defining the Process
  • Understanding and Managing Change

Measure Phase

  • Creating Detailed Process Maps
  • Collecting Baseline Data
  • Assessing your Measurement System
  • Analyzing Baseline Data

Week Two

Analyze Phase

  • Identifying Variation and Waste
  • Narrowing the Focus
  • Hypothesis Testing

Improve Phase

  • Understanding the Lean Tools for Improving a Process
  • Validating Improvement Success
  • Updating Process Documentation

Control Phase

  • Utilizing Control Charts
  • Developing Control Plans
  • Documenting your Project


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