Safety First: 33 Years without Lost Time Accident


Invista, a producer of nylon fibers, supports many end uses including performance surface materials, apparel, and intermediates.  Kenco currently manages a 490,000 square foot distribution center for Invista.  This DC has 37 employees, shipping 11,400,000 pounds and supporting 1,980 orders monthly.



Kenco always seeks to create a safe and productive warehouse facility.  Ensuring that employees act in a safe manner and have a secure environment in which to work in is crucial to a successful warehouse operation.


Kenco’s achievement is built around the core of our success, the development of a safety culture and mindset.  This culture involves every associate, but must start at the top where expectations are set as we lead by example.  Listed below are a few steps that have supported Kenco’s success:


Our number one enemy is complacency.  It lurks behind every corner and must be dealt with on a daily basis.  This is why the toolbox meeting is so important to maintaining our safety record.  It’s designed to plant the seed of safety every day in an effort to ward off the enemy of becoming content.

The Invista site has achieved 33 years without a lost time work accident while improving productivity in the warehouse processes by 20% between 2007 and 2009.  This proves that productivity and safety can be improved simultaneously.  With a continued safety culture and mindset, Kenco and Invista will maintain this safety excellence for years to come.