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Our ecommerce and fulfillment, distribution, transportation, and MHE services leverage our effective and data-driven approach, educated by a depth of expertise to improve our customers supply chains. This has lead to long lasting relationships with our customers, as they enjoy continued innovations that lead to best-in-class supply chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some of the top industry-related distribution logistics questions we get from customers.
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How do you choose between having a dedicated warehouse or a shared multi-client space?

Multi-client warehouse space is often most attractive when there is a need for space on a short-term basis due to seasonal needs or overflow volume storage. The shipper may also choose to benefit from shared expenses such as facility, labor, management, equipment, and systems. Dedicated warehouse space is more attractive to shippers of products with specific requirements, such as haz mat, cold room/frozen, or food grade. This option is also a good choice for shippers whose products are high value, and a pilferage risk, requiring enhanced security.

How do you handle special warehousing requirements, such as oversize products or presence of flammable materials?

There are very specific storage requirements depending on the type of hazardous materials being stored. Partnering with a provider with expertise in storing flammable or other hazardous materials is essential for safety and compliance. Similarly, distributing oversize products often require specific storage and material handling equipment, so selecting a provider with experience in handling these types of products may be advantageous.

What are the best uses of robotics in a warehouse setting?

Robotics can be used for repetitive tasks, to reduce travel time for associates in very large warehouses or to reduce the amount of space requiredfor storage and distribution of product, which can be a significant benefit to warehouse operators.

When and why you may want to partner with a 3PL provider?

Companies often choose to partner with a 3PL provider to leverage market expertise and scale, to gain flexibility through the availability of comprehensive, integrated services, and to access updated technologies and built-in system maintenance.