Dedicated Warehousing

Whether your company requires basic storage space and inventory management or operates an enterprise-level supply chain that needs cradle-to-grave logistics, Kenco provides scalable and customized logistics solutions.

Through a network of warehousing management services and distribution centers spanning North America, Kenco provides value to a wide variety of clients across industries.


Kenco Logistics also works with customers to locate and manage dedicated warehousing space. We partner with our clients to provide customizable warehouse locations across North America, with supply chain management that improves and sustains operational efficiency.




Our Capabilities

  1. Warehouse Management Systems
  2. Fulfillment & Transportation Services
  3. Value-Added Services
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Material Handling Fleet Management


We manage 90 distribution centers across North America, providing warehouse management solutions across a variety of industries.

By handling your logistics, identifying inefficiencies, and developing data-driven solutions that will save your company money and time, our solutions allow you to focus on your core business.



Slot DC: The AI-Powered Warehouse Optimization Solution That’s Revolutionizing the Supply Chain


Slot DC is a award-winning solution that uses AI to help warehouse operators optimize their picking processes, save time and money, and improve customer satisfaction.

Take an interactive tour of Slot DC today to see how it can help you:

Slot DC is the future of warehouse optimization.

Discover Slot DC through our interactive tour below.



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