Product movement is technology-enabled at every stage, allowing us to achieve optimal efficiency within the four walls.


With the increasing convergence of B2B, retail, ecommerce, reverse, and value-added channels, businesses need more than a standard WMS. That’s why Kenco has developed partnerships with the industry’s top technology developers – including Körber (formerly HighJump) and Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) – to offer a curated suite of products that can be combined and configured to create the ideal technology stack for your business.

Our world-class portfolio of warehouse management products enables your complex multi-channel demand flows, seamlessly integrates across both your internal systems and your partner and customer platforms, and intelligently collects and relates information to uncover the powerful insights hidden in your own data.

Technology is the architecture that supports our physical solutions, which is why it’s critical to offer an insourced model for integration and ongoing support. Our corporate IT group comprises over 50 experts in the areas of integration, network administration, IT security, help desk support, application development, data analytics, and more.

We follow industry best practices for IT integration, testing, and launch, following a structured, project management-driven approach that emphasizes collaboration with the customer. Our integration specialists have extensive experience seamlessly interfacing with our customers, vendors, and end-customer systems.


Kenco Group provides several labor management systems that can help our customers understand productivity and patterns, assess employee performance, and improve efficiency and cost management.

We use several labor management systems, including:

Blue Yonder (JDA) LMS

  • Time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and reporting 
  • Develop multi-variable labor standards for each task 
  • Access to real-time performance measurement and feedback reporting 
  • Optimization of tasks 
  • Workload planning 


  • Time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and reporting 
  • Develop multi-variable labor standards for each task 
  • Integration with multi-WMS systems for near real-time performance capture 
  • Kiosk functionality for non-scanned process tracking 
  • Access to performance measurement and feedback reporting 
  • Optimization of tasks 
  • Workload planning  


Kenco’s UNIFY Business Intelligence system is a web-based system that provides dashboards for users, allowing drill down capability, and is intended to provide analysis for decision making to optimize the operations aspect of all Kenco businesses.  We utilize a data warehouse to pull information from multiple sources and relate this information to generate insights across numerous systems and give our customers unprecedented visibility.   

Data is the future of supply chain. Kenco gives you the tools to intelligently extract and curate all the data being generated on a continual basis by your own business activities, ensuring you don’t miss valuable insights that can transform everything from the way you source and manufacture goods to the way you reach and grow your consumer base. Kenco’s technology suite includes our proprietary UNIFY business intelligence (BI) tool, powered by Qlik, a global leader in data analytics software. With the Qlik Sense platform, UNIFY gives your business teams a dynamic view of your distribution network through reports and dashboards that are web-based and highly interactive. By uncovering trends and business changes, Kenco’s BI tool can unlock predictive and even prescriptive insights, giving you a competitive edge. UNIFY generates dashboards and reports in areas such as: 

  • Financials 
  • Human Resources 
  • Distribution Operations (Warehousing) 
  • Labor Management / Performance 
  • Material Handling Systems 
  • Transportation 
  • Yard Management 
  • Advanced Analytics (Predictive / Prescriptive) 



To meet the needs of non-asset-based clients that require real-time, event-oriented information management, Kenco utilizes Mercury Gate – a cost-effective, transparent TMS solution that supports multiple business models and varying processes within a single platform – enabling us to leverage transportation for all customers while reducing your costs and maximizing profits.

  • Carrier contract management for all modes of transportation
  • Bid development and management
  • Load optimization and carrier selection optimization
  • Inbound freight management
  • Outbound freight management with in-transit adjustments
  • Global documentation and currency management
  • Visibility and intelligence for tracking loads
  • Operational and historical analytics reporting
  • Flexibility of implementation and data exchange


Jaggaer’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer is a cloud-based SaaS procurement tool utilized by Kenco to produce RFIs, analyze RFPs, and award RFQs. With over 20 years dedicated to spend management, Jaggaer has become a global leader in end-to-end spend management. Through expressive bid feedback, speed to savings, and unmatched flexibility, Jaggaer has differentiated itself from the market via 39 patents. Jaggaer has been positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Strategic Sourcing Suite Magic Quadrant for four consecutive reports. 

  • Over 2,000 customers worldwide (Fortune 10, Fortune 100, Fortune 500, Global 100) 
  • 3.7 Million Suppliers 
  • IDC Marketscape Leader in 4 reports 
  • Trusted across all modes of transportation 




HubTran is the leading cloud-based solution for automating the transportation back-office processes. The HubTran product simplifies back-office audit, payment, and billing processes using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, Machine Learning, and optical character recognition to automatically scan, categorize, group, and incoming audit documents. These technologies and techniques allow Kenco to process payables, invoicing, and manage document images transitioning the entire current process to an exception process strategy. This transition is achieving throughput up to 4x faster than the previous processes at over 99% accuracy. This reduction in costs allows Kenco to scale with its customers, yield a better carrier cash flow, and improve carrier relations to build long term relationships. 



Creating a positive customer experience is paramount to Kenco. A facet of this experience is being able to track customer shipments using various GPS-type technology, providing the customer with their shipment location on demand at all times. To accomplish this, Kenco has partnered with Decartes MacroPoint to provide this real-time freight visibility. Through this partnership, Kenco is able to drive transportation effectiveness and efficiency while proactively mitigating risk. MacroPoint has 15 years of proven, record performance anchoring its position as a global logistics solutions leader.  

  • Over 20,000 customers worldwide 
  • Over 120,000 carriers connected 
  • Integrations with 100 ELD providers and counting 
  • Over 50 TMS integrations and over 500 custom integrations 




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