Kenco FleetCloud

Kenco FleetCloud™ is one device that connects all aspects of operating MHE –

Kenco FleetCloud™, is Kenco’s proprietary telematics solution that automates material handling equipment service processes and monitors equipment performance to drive efficiency, safety, and compliance. By providing real-time visibility into a wide range of metrics that impact material handling equipment (MHE) operations.

Kenco FleetCloud™ gives warehouse and supply chain managers all the tools they need to optimize their operations, all within one easy-to-use interface.

With product customization to fit every company’s unique needs and challenges, Kenco FleetCloud™ provides customers with access to the systems, processes, and responsive service team that ensure they are fully optimizing its features and capabilities. And because it is completely brand-agnostic, customers can feel confident it will integrate with any material handling equipment their business requires in the future.


  • Equipment utilization data
  • Automation of operator data
  • Notification of preventative maintenance schedules


  • Advanced equipment access control
  • Real-time access to operator performance data
  • Two-way messaging when MHE unit is not in use


  • Required completion of OSHA compliance checklist
  • Assurance that all data is current and complete
  • Impact and incident reporting

Kenco FleetCloud™ provides confidence and peace of mind for MHE fleet operators through:

Increased Visibility
Manage fleets from any location using insights on asset and employee performance, so you can make changes sooner and advance the optimization process.
Ensured Safety & Compliance
Avoid costly mistakes by utilizing metrics that assess environmental and safety factors, reducing energy waste, equipment, merchandise, facility damages, and safety compliance issues across your operation.
Improved Return on Investment
Extend your equipment’s life and drastically reduce costs associated with avoidable damages, battery lifespan, and equipment performance by tracking the efficiency of your asset throughout its entire lifecycle.
Are you ready to keep equipment fleet costs low and productivity high?