MHE Fleet Services

Kenco’s comprehensive Material Handling Equipment fleet management services offer information, access, tools, and expertise needed to drive decisions that reduce MHE fleet costs and improve efficiency.



  1. Complete MHE Fleet Management & Maintenance
  2. Complete MHE Fleet Lease Management
  3. Complete MHE Fleet Power Management & Maintenance
  4. Dock and Door Service
  5. On-Site and Regional Technicians for Maintenance of MHE Assets
  6. OSHA Safety Training
  7. Parts and Labor Service




Our comprehensive Material Handling Equipment fleet management services help your business with:

  • Maintaining, optimizing, and standardizing your total fleet through data-driven solutions
  • Acquisition of all equipment types, along with power solutions, racking, and other ancillary items
  • Forklifts, scissor lifts, sweepers, scrubbers, conveyors, and racking
  • Dealer direct volume discounts
  • Open book pricing policy
  • On-site delivery and set up
  • Lean practices and green initiatives
  • Fleet improvements and cost reductions

Allowing your business to:

  • Optimize MHE asset utilization with data-driven decisions
  • Reduce overhead through dealer-direct volume discounts and pricing
  • Select equipment using an unbiased scorecard based on OEM standards and best practices (Kenco is brand agnostic)
  • Leverage the latest technology and innovations
  • Standardize the lifecycle management process
  • Connect operations with MHE fleet management software
  • Help eliminate lease chargebacks and penalties



Our engineered fleet solutions are customized to meet the specific profile attributes and unique business requirements of each customer.

Kenco is focused on maintaining collaborative design with our customers. By using an engineered approach, we help our customers achieve strategic objectives through data-driven decisions and cross-functional cooperation between all stakeholders and supply chain partners.

During the discovery phase, we conduct a complete fleet profile including fleet size, lease history, maintenance costs, annual spend, and utilization. By understanding your current situation, we can gauge opportunities for optimization.

The data uncovered during discovery is used to design a new MHE plan that:

  • Serves as your master MHE profile, complete with asset tracking as well as expense and utilization review
  • Recommends ideal fleet size and composition to satisfy fluid business needs and safety requirements
  • Guides service and maintenance schedules for maximum uptime
  • Provides reduction goals and annual savings summaries

Once your plan is finalized, we implement new technology, service existing equipment, and retire excess or outdated equipment in order to establish a fully balanced, optimized fleet. We also guarantee you have full access to our trained staff and safety experts as a part of your national service support network.

Once initial deployment is complete, we work with you to monitor and maintain your MHE fleet’s performance. We compare actual costs with the cost reductions that are part of the proposed plan. UNIFY, our proprietary software, makes it possible to analyze the overall impact of lifecycle MHE fleet management.


Tracking, managing, and maintaining material handling equipment is a complex process that can result in wasted time and lost revenue. While fleet managers strive to comprehensively identify all their assets and their related costs, this is rarely achieved.


Kenco’s MHE experts developed UNIFY, a proprietary, web-based software that empowers clients to make informed and profitable MHE decisions.

UNIFY’s asset tracker catalogs every piece of equipment — from forklifts to batteries — providing a comprehensive understanding of company-wide assets at your fingertips.

UNIFY Capabilities

  • Tracks asset utilization to enable liquidation of excess equipment for reduced overhead
  • Enables informed planning by tracking lease start dates, life expectancy, and related costs
  • Identifies hourly costs of equipment by incorporating lease, maintenance and parts, and work hours
  • Simplifies lease payments through consolidated invoicing
  • Monitors compliance while reducing losses through attachment compliance reporting and abuse tracking


At Kenco, innovation is at the center of everything we do. From distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment to transportation services and material handling equipment, innovative technology is the foundation of all our solutions.


  1. Kenco FleetCloud™, a proprietary telemetry device
  2. UNIFY
  3. Business Intelligence tool for predictive analytics
  4. New MHE battery technology
  5. Wireless data management related to charging efficiencies
  1. Innovative use of clamping attachments
  2. iPad work order system
  3. Telepresence
  4. LoadProof
  5. Augmented reality safety training


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