Supply Chain Solutions

Customers come to Kenco with the need to optimize their entire supply chain, not just one part. Supply Chain Solutions allows us to create big picture solutions for our customers. We conceptualize, design and develop creative and innovative solutions to customers’ supply chain problems to provide them a competitive advantage in their industry.

Supply Chain Solutions

With more than 68 years of logistics experience, our supply chain solutions give customers access to subject matter experts in Distribution, Transportation and Material Handling. We focus on bringing engineered data-driven solutions through:



Analysis, modeling & optimization services for your supply chain.



Through Kenco's Innovation Lab, we have assembled a team of specialists who collaborate with customers on leading-edge ideas and processes.



Strategic, Innovation, Productivity & Environmental solutions for your supply chain.


Continuous Process Improvement

Our team reinforces operational processes and best practices through training, certifications and more.


Advanced Data Analytics

We utilize the latest technology to standardize KPIs and provide dashboard visibility.


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