Supply chain complexity is rapidly increasing due to fast-changing consumer buying behaviors and expectations, new and emerging business models, and an evolving competitive landscape. Our customers are increasingly focused on transforming their supply chains to gain a competitive advantage. The advent of big data, advancements made in information technologies, and emerging analytical techniques have presented a unique opportunity to utilize advanced data analytics-based decision support in their supply chain transformation efforts.

Kenco recognized the opportunity early on and has taken a lead in helping customers in their supply chain transformation journey by developing a world-class Advanced Data Analytics and Business Intelligence capability.

Developed by our team of data scientists and technology professionals, DaVinci AI is our proprietary advanced data analytics platform that provides rapid time-to-value in ingesting key data available from structured and unstructured sources and driving proactive decisions to help transform your supply chain.

DaVinci AI provides three levels of supply chain advanced analytics empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning coupled with our Big Data and visualization tools:

Diagnostic Model

Deduce key variables that drive KPIs and metrics in a given facility, across a distribution network, or within a shipper’s planning function that provide insight into current state.

Predictive Models

Algorithmic approach using machine learning to review past trends and external data sources (weather, geographical information, social data, etc.) to generate insights into the future state. Predictive models learn and improve quickly as more data is fed into the model.

Prescriptive Models

Utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning, building on the predictive model. Going beyond measuring current state and visualizing the future state, prescriptive modeling actually recommends actions to take in order to proactively address supply chain issues that will arise if left alone.


Kenco has developed several proprietary predictive analytics solutions that give our Distribution customers actionable business intelligence to scale their businesses. Using AI, these solutions offer insights such as order forecasting with 89% accuracy, warehouse operation optimizations, labor management improvements, and more. Kenco leverages our AI technology across all services to provide transparency into operations efficiency, cost savings, labor management, and more for our customers. Watch the video to learn more.


Our DaVinci AI engine and team of data scientists can help you:
  • Right-size your inventory
  • Enhance your customer service
  • Plan your labor in real-time
  • Predict your customer demand
  • Optimize your travel paths inside your DC’s
  • Ensure sustainability and mitigate risk
  • Gain visibility to your end-to-end supply chain
  • Predict equipment maintenance requirements

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