Continuous Improvement

At Kenco, we see supply chain continuous improvement as a journey, not a destination.

We use world-class supply chain processes and proven models, like Lean Six Sigma, to ensure we continue to add value for our customers long after the “low hanging fruit” has been captured.


Our Continuous Improvement (CI) program is based on the Shingo Model that was first developed in the manufacturing sector to reduce variability and drive improvement. Kenco has invested significant time and financial resources to adapt this model, and the Toyota Production System (TPS) in particular, to the warehousing and logistics environment. This industry-tailored model is what distinguishes our Continuous Improvement programs from other systems and helps to significantly reduce variability and drive improvement for our customers.

We have teams of CI engineers at specific customer operations as well as at corporate levels who deliver the value of our program. Most of these engineers have Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications, are technically and analytically savvy, and have significant cross-industry experience. Our engineers are uniquely positioned to leverage their knowledge of supply chain logistics best practices to create major efficiency and productivity improvements in your operations.

The philosophy of TPS enables Kenco to systematically improve processes and drive waste from operational processes. This provides customers with the best solutions requiring the lowest investment. The aim of the Continuous Improvement projects is to eliminate all overburden, unevenness, and waste from the operation.



These projects use the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach to involve everyone in solving problems and employ tools such as Gemba walks, Kaizen, Ohno circles, Pareto analysis, and Kanban to improve key metrics of safety, quality, delivery, productivity, cost, and morale (SQDPCM).

We firmly believe that what can be measured can be improved, and we train our managers and associates to engage in daily processes with open eyes and open minds, so that wasteful activity can be eradicated. Through the deployment of different Continuous Improvement projects, we have driven out more than $100 million of waste from our clients’ operations during the past 10 years.


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