Kenco offers a full range of transportation services including Transportation Management, Freight Brokerage Services, and Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC).

All our transportation management services are supported by best-in-class technologies and a dedicated team of industry experts.


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With 70 years of industry experience, Kenco is a third-party logistics provider you can trust. That’s why the company’s average customer engagement is 14 years – almost three times the industry average.

Not only does Kenco provide excellent service and innovative TMS solutions, but our company is dedicated to building partnerships with our customers and the dedicated carriers who handle their freight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some of the top transportation management industry-related questions we get from customers.
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Can I outsource part of my transportation management while maintaining control of key relationships and decisions?

Absolutely. We work with shippers to understand their unique needs, offer guidance on industry Best Practices and work in a collaborative manner to design your transportation solution. We also have a solution where we provide access to our system for the customer and their team to use.

How can I get better visibility of my shipments using Kenco’s brokerage services?

A requirement of our load tender is agreement to utilize MacroPoint – the largest supply chain visibility network. 100% of Kenco managed loads are connected and traceable!

How do I know if brokerage, private fleet or common carrier is the right capacity strategy?

Kenco works with shippers to design the capacity strategy that aligns with their service and financial goals. No two shippers are identical so we take an engineered approach to implement the solution which matches your specific needs sharing the pros and cons of all approaches to guide the direction in a transparent manor.

Will the technology systems I use to manage transportation integrate with other existing systems, like an ERP?

Yes. Integrating with Kenco’s technology infrastructure has never been more simple. Our TMS is the core operating flatform for our supply chain technology, offering a range of integration options ranging from flat file transfers to full EDI. Our TMS is supplemented by a myriad of applications including carrier compliance, freight rate benchmarking, tracking and business intelligence tools to provide our customers with the reliability and predictability their customers’ demand with one single integration point to our network representing a community of carriers and shippers.

Do I have to integrate my ERP to gain access to Kenco’s transportation management programs?

No, we offer a variety of options to allow shippers quick and easy access to Kenco’s competitive freight rates, technology, and experienced TMS logistics team.