Dedicated Contract Carriage

Kenco offers Dedicated Contract Carriage services that cover every aspect of operating a private fleet devoted to your business.

Kenco offers Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC) fleet services that cover every aspect of operating a private fleet devoted to your business. There are many reasons that a company may consider DCC services, but some of the universal benefits are being able to better understand and control costs and reducing risks. Guaranteed fleet capacity is another reason that some companies are choosing dedicated contract carriage services. There has been tremendous volatility in both capacity and freight rates in recent years, and many analysts expect these carriage fluctuations to continue. Having a DCC service gives you greater control over costs and customer service.


  1. Human resources management
  2. Claims and risk management
  3. Driver recruitment and training
  4. Route optimization
  5. On-line reporting and continuous improvement programs
  1. Real-time visibility
  2. Potential revenue sharing on backhauls
  3. Complete regulatory compliance
  4. Commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation


Companies often need product to be transported between distribution centers and manufacturing plants or to intermodal drop off or pick up locations.

These short, repetitive runs are not attractive to some carriers and many owner-operators. To handle these necessary movements efficiently, a DCC shuttle fleet is often a lower cost high service producing choice.


Kenco provides a wide range of transportation fleet services including doorstep or home delivery, White Glove setup and installation, returns and exchanges, and waste haul away. We provide the agility of scalable solutions and tiered service level options with flexible pricing. Our fully integrated ecosystem of routing and tracking software, point-of-delivery applications, and online reporting tools provide valuable business intelligence through the use of technology. With dynamic route optimization software, we provide in-transit routing and communications.

We recognize that you trust us with protecting your brand with every last mile delivery. To meet the needs of your customers, we employ highly trained delivery professionals and industry-leading on-time delivery. Our goal is to provide you and your customers with a “frustration -free” customized delivery experience that enhances your standing with your customer.


Customers choose Kenco’s DCC to:

Understand & Control Costs
In addition to recruiting and maintaining the power units and drivers for our DCC customers, we also find common-sense solutions to cut transportation costs and increase efficiency. Our Supply Chain Engineers are focused on efficiency and continually analyze your dedicated network and enable our fleets to proactively adapt and change to your business needs.

Reduce Risks
We carry the liability for our DCC customers, while maintaining compliance with existing and emerging regulations while utilizing best in class training and driver management skills to mitigate potential risk.

Guarantee Capacity
We ensure that your freight is picked up and delivered on time. We develop a custom solution to your company’s situation and dedicate specific power units and personnel that can scale up/down based on demand.



  1. Understand the business
    •   Why do your customers choose you?
    •   What is working
    •   Pain points
    •   Process and data flows
    •   Desired State
  2. Analyze the business
    •   Tech-enabled optimization
    •   Constraints and business requirements
  3. Design an operational plan
    •   Network design is focused on driving the best value for our customer
    •   Optional flows and ongoing improvements to include “what if” scenarios
    •   Dedicated IT team to integrate to the customer system if required
    •   FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis) to identify and mitigate risks prior to go-live
  4. Deliver Results
    •   World class delivery performance exceeds 98% on-time
    •   Industry leading driver turnover
    •   Focus on efficiency and driver utilization
Expert Advice and Real Examples to Help Cut Transportation Costs
Expert Advice and Real Examples to Help Cut Transportation Costs



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