Rail Freight

The most cost-effective transportation option often requires a mix of transportation modes. Rail shipping is one of the most efficient modes of transportation available, providing flexibility and cost-savings to help your business improve its bottom line while fulfilling orders on time. As a full-service transportation provider, Kenco offers intermodal brokerage services across the entire United States.

The Benefits of Rail Shipping

Rail transportation can be safer and more fuel-efficient than other modes of transportation, reducing your transportation costs and claims risk. It can be quicker than other modes by avoiding traffic and taking a straighter route to transportation hubs. If you need freight delivered to an area without an accessible rail, our freight brokers can secure an intermodal container that can be easily transferred to a truck or other freight carrier.

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Learn more about our freight brokerage division or contact one of our brokers today to secure an intermodal or rail load.  We have an extensive, nation-wide network of carriers, ensuring that our freight brokers can secure a load on your time-frame at competitive rates.