Today, our distribution services are helping customers reduce transportation costs, optimize networks, and improve customer service.

From transportation management systems (TMS) to predictive analytics, Kenco uses best-in-class technologies to support your needs.

Best-in-Class Transportation Management Solutions That Provide:
  1. Benchmarking of current systems, support structure, processes, technology, and capacity strategy
  2. Professional carrier procurement services
  3. Carrier management
  4. Load tendering
  5. Track and trace
  6. Rate optimization
  7. Custom shipment portal
  8. Route/mode optimization
  9. Load consolidation
  10. Lead time analysis
  11. Network modeling
  12. Freight Pay and Audit


STEP 1: Understand the business

  • Why your customers choose you
  • What is working
  • Pain points
  • Process and data flows
  • Desired State

STEP 2: Analyze the business

  • Tech-enabled optimization
  • Constraints and business requirements
STEP 3: Design an operational plan

  • Network design is focused on driving the best value for our customer
  • Optional flows and ongoing improvements to include “what if” scenarios
  • Dedicated IT team to integrate to the customer system if required
  • FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis) to identify and mitigate risks prior to go-live
STEP 4: Deliver Results

  • World-class delivery performance exceeds 98% on-time
  • Industry-leading driver turnover
  • Focus on efficiency and driver utilization


  • Online visibility using carrier API’s, EDI, and ELD tracking
  • Operational dashboard development/management
  • Automated and ad-hoc reporting
  • Advanced analytics for decision support and to prevent issues before they occur
  • Custom app development
  • On-going analysis and continuous improvement program based on Lean Six Sigma

Unveiling the Inner Workings: Explore Kenco’s Transportation Control Tower

See how Kenco’s Transportation Control Tower can reshape transportation management into an efficient, streamlined process.
Take a tour through our interactive overview and witness the power of seamless logistics firsthand.

Kenco solves transportation management problem for large pharmaceutical customer


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