Freight Auditing

Kenco Transportation’s freight audit services offer clients a comprehensive resource for receiving, paying, disputing, and reviewing all costs associated with transport, as well as ensure all costs for a transport project stay on target. For our clients, Kenco Transportation’s freight audit services make the transportation process seamless by accounting for and organizing all necessary bills and payments. Performed in two stages, our freight audit procedures systematically review all incoming bills and outgoing payments and identify areas for additional savings..

Pre-Audit and Payment

Pre-audit services are centered on managing invoices and payments during a freight transportation project. Throughout this phase, our team will:

  • Review all incoming invoices
  • Deliver timely payments
  • Manage any billing disputes
  • Produce weekly audit reports
  • Analyze project spending

Post-Audit of Invoices

Completed after freight transportation, post-audit analyzes the entire project from start to finish. Offered as a free service to clients, post transportation auditing allows for better planning for future projects and gives more clarity into the actual cost of freight transport. During this phase, our team will:

  • Review all project invoices
  • Obtain refunds for any over-payment for client
  • Produce a project report

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