Freight Brokerage

freightBy outsourcing your transportation needs to Kenco, we can put 30 years of freight brokerage experience at your fingertips and help your business find the best and most cost effective transportation option. Our fast response time and dedicated Transportation Specialists will provide you with the service to deliver critical shipments that have no margin for error.

Frieght Brokerage Services

Kenco assumes responsibility for all duties required with shipping your product, from paying carriers to resolving issues that may arise during transit. Our goal is to allow our customers to focus on their core competencies, and we view our services as an extension of your business. We will manage your cargo every step of the way.

Freight Broker 101: What Is A Freight Broker—And When Do You Need One?

Freight Brokerage Territory


Kenco Transportation operates a brokerage division that covers loads throughout North America. We currently maintain relationships with thousands of highly regarded carriers across all modes of transportation. This extensive network allows us to provide the highest quality service at the most competitive rates.

Freight Loads

No matter what type of transportation or special conditions are required for shipping your freight, Kenco can locate and provide a solution that will fit your needs. Select one of our many shipping options below to learn more:


Online Shipment Visibility

As an added benefit, Kenco offers a web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) to allow our customers to retain maximum visibility of their freight. Our user-friendly interface provides up-to-the-minute, real-time information and this portal allows you to schedule and track shipments, view delivery receipts, and obtain rate quotes.


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