Whether you ship pharmaceuticals, food products or other perishables, our freight brokers work with refrigerated trucking companies to get your freight where it needs to be. For refrigerated freight, impeccable climate control and on-time deliveries are essential. At Kenco Transportation, we work closely with our carriers to ensure that they can meet your demands and their fleet fits your needs.

Food Transportation

At Kenco Transportation, we understand that not every shipment is the same. From frozen foods to fresh produce, the optimal temperature and transportation time is unique for every shipment. Our carrier network can accommodate everything from refrigerated LTL loads to expedited shipping. Our Transportation Management Systems also allow for complete visibility and access to your freight at any time.

Climate-Controlled Warehousing

As a member of the Kenco Family of Companies, Kenco Transportation has special access to warehousing and logistics through Kenco Logistic Services. At Kenco Logistic Services, we offer access to a full host of supply chain solutions, including climate-controlled warehousing throughout the country.

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