Small Parcel

Kenco Parcel Solutions offers customized small package shipping solutions for any size company by utilizing unmatched expertise, developed carrier relationships and industry leading technology.


Our team of industry experts has extensive experience in developing pricing, carrier agreements and parcel auditing solutions. We don’t take the “one size fits all” approach. This custom fit can include a mix of carriers and technologies depending on the unique business requirements of our clients. We continue to monitor and update these solutions as business and our relationship grows and evolves.

Carrier Relationships

Customers benefit from the strategic relationships we’ve developed with the major carriers allowing us to leverage the activity and spend at over 100 facilities. While this greatly impacts the rates we are able to extend to customers, it also results in improved support and customer service from the carriers.


Kenco Parcel Solutions’ customers have peace of mind that every shipment is billed correctly to carrier agreements and that service commitments are met with our state of the art audit technology. They are able to view their parcel activity and spend utilizing dozens of reports and customized dashboards. We provide information to help customers make data-driven decisions with their small parcel activity.


For an analysis of your parcel activity and optimization possibilities, contact us today.