Carrier Optimization

As a third party logistics and transportation provider, we will analyze and optimize your carrier agreements to significantly reduce shipping costs. Our team of experts will consult and leverage unique shipping and logistics intelligence to renegotiate each specific carrier agreement. We will also provide you a proprietary analysis to help restructure and craft the optimal carrier agreement with favorable terms for each shipping service.

Customer Benefits

  • Insider information uncovering significant savings
  • Understanding of the market from the carrier/shipper perspective
  • Comprehensive analysis of customer shipping traits with custom executive reporting
  • Unique knowledge of strategic negotiation with carriers to help acquire better agreements with improved incentives and savings

What Makes Our Carrier Optimization Services Unique?

  • Unmatched Analytical Team: We are the ONLY company in the industry with a team member that was specifically responsible for cost and pricing models, policies, and agreement language for the largest carrier in the world.
  • Cost Model Philosophy: Unlike the rest of the industry, our analysis in NOT based on benchmarking but rather on cost models. We understand what carriers need to charge.
  • Quarterly Reviews: We provide customized quarterly reviews of your carrier agreements in order to ensure you are receiving the best pricing and service possible.
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