Managed Transportation

As a logistics company with over 30 years of transportation experience, Kenco has a team of experts that can impact your entire supply chain. Deciding to partner with Kenco is the first step to improving the performance of your network.  We have the technology, expertise, and proven culture required to deliver year-over-year value for our clients.

Managed Transportation Services

  • Transportation Management Systems

    End to end supply chain visibility and real-time reporting capabilities
  • Freight Brokerage

    Leverage volume negotiation and industry visibility
  • Carrier Selection and Optimization

    Discover significant cost savings and improved reliability
  • Freight Invoice Audit and Payment

    Improve payment and G/L reporting accuracy across your supply chain
  • Regulatory & Compliance Services

    Invest in the right safety measures to shift risk to your transportation management partner.  Our pre-selection vetting processes, complemented by our technology automating on-going compliance is a proven method to assure your company is protected. 


Custom Transportation Solutions

Kenco is a 3PL partner who understands supply chain management solutions are not ‘one size fits all’. We give each of our customers the personalization and care of an in-house department while insulating your team from offset rising transportation costs; while focusing on improving performance.

We are fully equipped with an array of managed transportation services that can be customized for your needs. Our team can help you select your perfect carrier, conduct RFPs and negotiate rates. With asset and non-asset based solutions, we provide transportation management for a variety of industries. Whether outsourcing one mode or all of your transportation activities, Kenco can help. Learn more about the industries we work with. 


Case Study

Kenco Transportation Management Reduces Transportation Costs by 15%

By analyzing rate structures to match pricing strengths to the customer’s needs and negotiating competitive pricing with preferred carriers, Kenco Transportation Management was able to reduce transportation costs by over 15% while improving customer satisfaction. Learn more>>