Very Narrow Aisle Guided System Improves Pallet Locations by 66%


A major manufacturer of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems relies on Kenco to operate a warehouse that provides replacement service parts for residential and commercial heating and cooling units worldwide.


Kenco’s customer wanted to consolidate a 600,000 square-foot facility and part of a 250,000 square-foot facility into a 474,000 square-foot facility.  The transfer included a total of 32,000 product codes and 2,500,000 pieces of inventory.


Kenco implemented very narrow aisle (VNA) wire guided storage and material handling solution for floor storage locations.  VNA enables the reduction of aisles from 13 feet to 5.8 feet.  This Kenco formulated solution significantly reduced storage density.  It allowed a single part number per location while also maximizing the number of locations for storage.  This achieved greater flexibility in accessing the product from the floor level. 


The VNA floor storage solution in the single deep area was able to increase the number of pallet locations by 66%.  The solution was able to free 126,000 square feet of warehouse space for additional storage. Thanks to this new storage system, the warehouse was able to receive a total of 36,000 product codes with 3,050,000 pieces of inventory.